SpediBook™: Warehouse time slot management software

Bookings under control

You can easily open timeslots for each of your gates and let transportation companies book the desired time of load or unload themselves.

The world is not an ideal place, so what if the carrier won't make it on time? No problem at all, his booking window is moved to the next free timeslot automatically, and every party gets a notification.

Easy to use

With only three buttons - arrived, processing, and departed - your staff will record all the necessary data you do need to evaluate transportation companies working for you.

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The basic software version can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. Inside the application, you can set the following and more:

  • Warehouse opening hours
  • Time slot length
  • Gate mode (in/out, mixed)
  • Non-bidding bookings
  • Required data check (Plates, CMR...)
  • Booking auto-lock
  • Info messages contents
  • Info messages recipients

If the basic version doesn't cover your operations as is, we can customize it even further and for example, connect it with other software you are using.

Smooth operation

The application is communicating with servers only when it is needed. We are saving your data connection, and for typical operation, a mediocre internet connection is more than enough.

Everything runs online, and your data are backed up into cloud infrastructure. In case something goes wrong, there is always another server ready to take over and keep everything smooth.

Would you like to try out SpediBook™ software? Please, contact us, and we will get you a demo you can try yourself.